• [Etc] @aaaasafa7671 - All the items inside of your Premium Storage upon creation of a brand new account is to the value of $70 of in-game/premium items. - Administrator
  • [Etc] How do you unlock the 70$ bonus when you create a new account? - aaaasafa7671
  • [Etc] No Ifs no butts butts butts butts butts, eat my cocoNUTS. Cya 4story. - CurtisT94
  • [Trade] wtb +24 warr helm, pm message to Saibott - paradoxx
  • [Etc] Just now starting this game, downloading now looks super fun! Is there anyone that could help me get started and explain things to me?(Hate to be that guy, but gotta learn lol) - bj12461
  • [Apply] t - Evans
  • [Etc] 2 New Players LF>Helpful, Active guild - troywoods151
  • [Etc] Crax has like 20 players, Defugel has 2 - 3 times more   But since defugel cant fight together, no one turns up to achieve anything.  Ever since then, many deflected to Crax. - ummmmmmmmmm
  • [Etc] Hey guys, I recently play this game again, and I was wondering.. is it still pretty crowded on both sides? - johnjackson1
  • [Etc] Wtb +22 warrior glove n boot - jacy
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