• [Etc] Where do I find the coupon ticket?.. - Skyki
  • [Etc] hey is server under maintenance?   - shreyasamrutkar1
  • [Etc] Hey the event from erebus is still up? - steliospole131
  • [Etc] Oh, Hi - Stirlingite
  • [Etc] I like chicken - romeotheslayer
  • [Etc] The cash shop isn''t letting me check out can u fix the problem - Vallt
  • [Etc] Why does the game keep crashing? I took 2 steps when i logged in 3 times and crashed. WTF! - deltoraking1
  • [Etc] If her age isn''t on the clock she''s ready for the cock. ~Kamz 2014 - xXKamzXx
  • [Etc] seems they cocked it up for a lot of people,usual gameguard rubbish - troika
  • [Etc] Can you fix the launcher bug please? i try to start the game and it appears an error message every time and hen it just closes and tells me to send report - morarol*****@gmail.com
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