• [Auction] WTB +18-20 craft xbox, msg me on FlamingSpades [fug] - Amicire
  • [Etc] hey im new to this, can someone tell me what to do ?   - star
  • [Trade] WTT my +24 3 gem BM opted chaks for a +24 staff and some R    Imagine: Meatspin.fr/ - TradeMonster
  • [Etc] If i reach 0 lvl in Erberus get 500 gol here on global or there? - havercsaba
  • [Etc] So i tried xfering my acc from goa to here and i was told to wait a week and it still has not xfer to my global acc. Can anyone help me? :( - craixz
  • [Etc] NathingVersion2. Please write to 1:1. - Admin
  • [Etc] Bug: When , for example, you use Mystic UPgrading Tool and try to upgrade an item, your game crashes. - NothingVersion2
  • [Etc] Hi - Naabe
  • [Etc] I Canot log in , onli if i reset pasword ,  (An error has occurred while attempting to login.  Please try again.)  theat mesaje i ghet whend i log in . - alexiiromahira
  • [Etc] Thank you for participating in the Bug Report event. We will now accept bug reports via ""1:1"". - Admin68
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