• [Congratulate] dang. this maint blow up my client -.- there i go reinstal again.. - Yinflash
  • [Etc] Now you screw over people who apply for BOW and don''t get in your company just proving it don''t give a shit about this game and only cares about Erebus that Jackoff of Diablo/ Path of Exile... - DawnNub
  • [Etc] Changing the upgrade pack to only be given out if BOTW goes will cause no more upgrade packs to be given out. The server is too unbalanced at the moment and for whatever reason Crax wont right - Maverick
  • [Etc] That moment you could get the amount of free saddles from the game by pvping. Party tournament BP, Orcs in the 4 territories, being in rankings. Guess its too hard huh? - Guppy
  • [Etc] ZEMI needs to take this seriously. Global players deserve the right to be able to buy perm saddles. You cant just allow GOA players to have them and expect us to pay weekly subscription for our mounts - GreatSun
  • [Etc] Okay, you win. We''ll have permanent saddle just like GOA did. Let me set the price before uploading it. - YourGM
  • [Etc] Global never had perm. saddles we had mount boxe with a 1% chance of geting perm mount that didn''t require saddle..i spent $100 trying to get one and nothing..idk how your perm items worked on GoA - DawnNub
  • [Etc] well ask yourself would you be happy if your perm saddle you paid for in goa server didnt get transferred just because global players couldnt get it even though they could previously - Varox
  • [Etc] zemi is not a fair company we have all known this over the years... and its obvious they don''t care for there game much anymore too much focus on there new "masterpeice" game - DawnNub
  • [Etc] I have to agree with both GreatSun and Redearth. It should be made fair to all players. Perma saddles is a game breaking mechanism that needs to be made equally accessible to all to have good pvp - BaneEtharios
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