• [Etc] Bug (part 2): You receive the message that you are not the appropriate level and will be kicked out in an hour, just like if you were to become too high of a level through grinding in a document. - ShafeDogg
  • [Etc] Bug: When entering the Mission War, if you enter through a document (for this example, say level 10) and then enter the level 20 document, you will be kicked out. - ShafeDogg
  • [Etc] Players can still fight in Woodlands area territory even though it turned back into "neutral" - CraxArch
  • [Etc] Once the Mission Area war concludes the summoner class pet still has the stats of level 140.. - CraxArch
  • [Etc] Bug- When you transfer a friend from your friendlist to your blocked list, you can''t transfer them from blocked list to friendslist without asking the person again for friend.    Bug- When selecting what type of ignore you would like on your blocked person,(chatting,invite,trade,duel) you have to right click, instead of left click. left clicking will bugg out. - NothingVersion2
  • [Etc] When a player is in the ambush skill, throwing a pumpkin at them will not show an animation but still go into cooldown and subtract one from the stack. - ShafeDogg
  • [Etc] Bug: If you move your cursor too quickly from one unopened pet to another in the inventory, the pet type icon will not change, leading you to believe you have two of a pet when you do not. - ShafeDogg
  • [Trade] cloak   - MaskedMan
  • [Etc] YAY, level 140 on my wizzy SaiMoSee!!!!! - BiGG
  • [Etc] Bug (part 2): To do an action while riding a mount, you open up the action menu. While summoning your mount, you click an action immediately after. Tested on Eromes NPC tower in Magnaksia. - ShafeDogg
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