• [Etc] Less than a week of Craxion outnumbering Fug and already had many people whisper me saying fug isn''t gonna attend wars... how long did crax go without winning Wars and still went most the time... - DawnNub
  • [Etc] my launcher isn''t loading up QQ - Hypahh
  • [Etc] 4story global is original server run by zemi who own the rights to the game, 4story is hosted by gameforge as a partner with zemi - Globalizer
  • [Etc] What''s the difference between 4 story and 4 story global ? - Cedrux
  • [Etc] there are alot people man , u should rly tro to play this server , people are so good and cind , they like to help :)   - Djustin
  • [Etc] Hi all ;) I''m from Poland, and I will play in your serwer. I have only one question. How many people play here? - jankeszgor1
  • [Etc] game is very fun, pvp is great and everyone is same lvl during pvp, if you do not have good gears then you can support your team mates which is just as good - Globalizer
  • [Etc] Hi guys ,  Where play most of players ? here ? - InfikCZE
  • [Etc] First time playing, is the warrior class good? or should i chose another class instead - ab0ut23wolves1
  • [Etc] first time here is this game fun? - Tribolter
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4story Promo Movie
The official promo movie introducing kingdoms and races on 4story!