• [Etc] @ SAITAM http://4story.zemigame.com/news/notice/notice_view.zemi?k1=&k2=&k3=&w=&c=&p=3&q=22 - CraxArch
  • [Etc] anyone know how to transfer an account from GOA..   - SAITAM
  • [Trade] WTS WTT +12 good opted ogres huge axe and +12 good opted trident naga, both have 3 gems. mail babojebac if you have offer - broa
  • [Etc] Hello! - giorga
  • [Etc] GET REKTEDDDDDDDDDDDD.... {>Dath<} :D - Thrillz
  • [Etc] Why cant i verify my e-mail?   - Boki00000
  • [Etc] its fully released - Report
  • [Recruit] Is this game releashed yet or still in beta ? - DRIFTeag1e
  • [Etc] You can buy lots with Bonus points and game money. Go check if you dont believe me. - xTheMagesteRx
  • [Etc] 4story is good game, worth a try :) - Report
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