• [Etc] Hi im new here. is it under maintenance yet ? - erwin*****@yahoo.com
  • [Congratulate] I wait so much to play him   - edyronaldo211
  • [Etc] hi im new here is this game cool?   - zarkela
  • [Etc] dowloading now.   is it really only 1.46GB? - sam2542cs1
  • [Etc] bbbb     - LordOfDarkness
  • [Etc] It says your account is suspended is it banned forever?   - andr*****@hotmail.com
  • [Recruit] Guys check out my youtube channel ima upload all kindz of videos ,ALL KINDZZZZ = https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLiYxWp1OlpnWWf9ncEn0hA - shiveeboy
  • [Etc] Hey guys shivee is back in the house , time to get back into WARS AGAINST THE FUGS :) - shiveeboy
  • [Etc] Wow ive been not playin 4story for 3 and half years lets see whats happened with it :D   - nimetu0151
  • [Etc] i got a big problem i cont log in to the game it say id dont exist - karlobo
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4story Promo Movie
The official promo movie introducing kingdoms and races on 4story!