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Androberry Update

The plagued Toucan and signs of infection. 
The clue is the cliff boss wolf and the source of plague lies within.
Through the Gate of Luadlan pass the Gorgon Hill in search 
of the Lost Patrol only to be alarmed of the Identify of the Scale.
Off to Venuka Camp to slay and watch until Mannon''''''''''''''''s Message Arrives.
Destroyed Obelisk and Yet Another Trace Of Blood Stain.
Karemia Warns in her exposed hideout to search for Weapon of Gods which 
will raise heroes and begin a journey of an expedition.
Deeds fly to the Northern Area Search Outpost where tests begin and curiosity fulfill.
Search party captain speaks of Northern Area status, secret missions and tragic 
deaths of Broan soldiers so that payments can be made proper.
Restoration is under way using Androberry Iron Ore haunting Skull Prince. 
To the Nedved Rampart, brainwashed and Dead, until Asmodeus is slayed, the last trial and free at last!

See you at Androberry…

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