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100 Rune for a pet!


Dear players,


We regret to inform you that the much awaited December 27th update will not be 

happening today. The developers have requested more time to work on it before 

it is ready.


So from December 27th onward''s we will undergo a special event.


Please mail 100 Rune to the character name " Admin " and request which pet you would like

in the mail.


You may only choose from the list of following pets, any and all other requests for pets not in the list

will be rejected with the runes refunded back to you.


Angelion Pet 

Black Dragon Pet

Blue Dragon Pet

White Dragon Pet

Demon Regulator Pet

Durahan Knight Pet

Kayapa Pet

Hagenchi Pet

Modlet Pet

Asmonde Pet


The list of pets is in order with the screenshots below.













We thank you once again for your patience and understanding.

Thank you

Zemi Interactive 


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