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Golden Endendros Event


Dear players,


Farm Endendros Coins from any monster field and earn 5 Gold

for each coin farmed.


Once you have farmed any amount you are happy with, please send

us a 1:1 inquiry!


GM will then check your farming logs and award you accordingly.


From October 17th 2016 you will be rewarded more gold cs for farming more coins in one go.

You will get:

1 ~ 100 Endendros Coin = 5 cs for each coin

101 ~ 200 Endendros Coin = 10 cs for each coin

Over 201 Endendros Coin = 20 cs for each coin


So if you farmed 300 coins, you will get 500 + 1000 + 2000 cs.


Please name the support ticket with the title "Golden Endendros Event".


*You will need to send 1:1 everyday to claim the reward.


Thank you for your participation

Zemi Interactive 


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