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Easter Event!



Dear players,


Easter has returned to 4Story again and we are celebrating it with new mounts and pets!

The event will run from April 16th ~ June 16th.


Simply farm 200 Endendros Coins and you will get the pet of your choice free! (As well as keep the coins!!)

There are 3 Unicorn Pets to choose from.


- Rainbow Unicorn Pet

- Blue Unicorn Pet

- Pink Unicorn Pet


You will need to send a 1:1 inquiry ticket to claim the reward.

Any coins farmed before April 16th will not be counted.



If you charge $50 you will be able to grab your hands on the exclusive Unicorn Mount! Only 

available through the $50 Event ( Permanent mount )

Again there is the same 3 choice colour as the pets.


Below is a sneak preview of the mounts.




*The Endendros coin will not be deducted when the reward is given.

*The looting record is character base and not account based

*Can only be claimed once per account.


Thank you for playing 4Story

Zemi Interactive 

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