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$50 Charge Event



Greetings 4Story,


$50 Charge event now contains new rewards.

Charge $50 unit or a higher unit during the event period and get one of the rewards below for each $50 charge!




1. One permanent mount.

2. One 53,53, 653, 653 accessory

3. 1 GM Option Raise (Please choose from below.)(GM will manually raise one option in one of your gear of your desire. Meaning, the desired option type should have already been added to the gear.)



4. Upgrade Package:

     + Potion of Fortune x4 X5

     + Upgrade Magic Scroll x 100

     + Purification Scroll x 50

     + Protection of Upgrade (normal) x 25


5. GM Costume (365 day period)


Below you can see some of the mounts and black market weapons.


*Please send 1:1 inquiry to tell us which reward you would like.


Here are some of the available mounts you could choose:





Thank you

Zemi Interactive 



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