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$50 Charge Event!


Dear players,


Charge $50 unit or a higher unit during the event period and get one of the rewards below for each $50 charge!


Rewards are as follows:


1. One new pet or permanent mount.

2. One 53,53, 653, 653 accessory

3. 25 Permanent Bag   5 Permanent Horse Whip   1 Saddle of Swiftness

4. 3 GM Cats (Please choose from below.)

Physical Damage 255

Physical Defense 250

Long Range Damage 250

Attack Rate 164

Defense Rating 189

Physical Critical Hit Rate 14

Magic Defense 250

Magic Damage 265

Cast Rate 24

Critical Magic Rate 40

Block Rate 30

Physical Attack Speed 16

Long Range Attack Speed 16

Magic Cast Speed 16

Magic Attack Rate 327

Magic Defense Level 189


5. 200x5 Large (10k) Pet Exp plus  200x5 Small (500) Pet Exp 

6. 300% XP Plus (3H) x 200

7. Permanent Costume Pack


Swimming Suit 1

Swimming Suit 2

Swimming Suit 3

Angry Hat

Blue Ocean Hat

Military Hat

Green Fur Hat

Blue Fur Hat

Beijing Opera Mask

Hahoe Mask

Samurai Mask

Mask of Bauta

Mask of Plague

Bat Mask



Gas Mask

Servant Helm

Servant Costume

Noble Costume

Formal Wear

Helm of Korean clothing


Please send us 1:1 inquiry for which reward you would like.


Thank you for playing 4Story

Zemi Interactive  

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