Free to play Game Warning : Do Not play 4Story unless you want to quality gameplayer, compelling story, and awesome PvP!
Free to play MMORPG 4Story stands out as a unique free to play MMORPG
F2P MMORPG With such a large degree of customization, 4Story makes exploration and PvP a thrilling ride
Fantasy MMORPG 4Story proves that even free to play titles can include viciously explosiive large-scale PvP. A must Play MMORPG.
3D Fantasy MMORPG One of the most enjoyable F2P MMORPGs on the market
F2P 3D Fantasy MMORPG 4Story is a game that fascinates a lot of gamers. Not often you see a game that has hight quality graphics and an amazing gameplay
Hight quality MMORPG Spectacular game visualiztion, entangled with an amazing storyline
F2P PvP MMORPG 4Story is a pretty awesome MMORPG that iis worth trying at least once in your Lifetime.
PvP & War MMORPG 4Story brings Pay to Play quality to the Free To Play MMO market!
F2P War MMORPG 4Story is a MMORPG that shouldn't be missed
F2P PvP & War MMORPG One of the best PvPs out there. When you hav a war, there are territory occupations

You may login to the game or website using either 4Story or Erebus2 account to play Erebus2