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[PvP] Scenario Dungeons
Last Updated: 2/27/2014 7:22:02 PM

Experience the fabulous dungeon unfold in front of you. Emerge as a hero after each completion of the mission. 
To enter the dungeon, you will have to reach level 19, 29, 39, 49, 59, 69 and 79. Simply click on J on your Keyboard and choose the quest to begin your journey.
The quest will take you to a space-time portal once you click on the Go button. Use your Soul Piece acquired at the beginning of the quest. Enter the dungeon, move through the many triggers and be triumphant after defeating the last boss monster.
You journey will complete once you take your boss monster’s Soul Piece to your quest NPC.

Please see below for the quest level and names.

1.  Yesod (19Lv Scenario Dungeon) : Evidence of Space-Time Travel
2.  Tiphereth(29Lv Scenario Dungeon) : Killing Experimental Human, Sacred purple crysta
3.  Netzach (39Lv Scenario Dungeon) : Space-Time Portal of Morbido Lake
4.  Hod(49 Lv Scenario Dungeon) : Getting Back Soul Piece
5.  Taikonteroga (59Lv Scenario Dungeon) : Mysterious Man

1.  Horusland (19Lv Scenario Dungeon) : To the Rift in Space-Time
2.  Tarat (29Lv Scenario Dungeon) : A decisive battle! To Solaperum''''s Grave
3.  Cochma (39LV Scenario Dungeon) : Stopping the Summoning of the Para''''s Sword
4.  Binah (49Lv Scenario Dungeon) : Killing three birds with one stone
5.  Geburah (59Lv Scenario Dungeon) : Critical moment of Ardri
Common Scenario Dungeon
1.  MosElian (69Lv Scenario Dungeon) : Nardwasil Battle
2.  Highland (79Lv Scenario Dungeon) : Finding , Origin of Evil
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