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[Guild] Guild Skill
Last Updated: 11/24/2015 5:41:25 PM
There will be battle experience to gain and battle levels to grow for each battle taken. 
Guilds will have skills. Pets will be storable. And there will be more mounts to register in the increased 
number of mount slots. See what’s coming on this update.
There will be two types of experience, the individual battle experience and the guild battle experience.
Individual battle experience will be used to level up individual Guild Member skills. 
Guild Battle Experience will be assessed with the total amount of battle experience gained 
by the Guild Members. The total amount of Battle Experience will be used to calculate 
the suitable Battle Level. With the increase of Battle Levels, your attack damage and defense will rise.

Skill points will be given according to the Guild and Individual Battle Levels. 
You can use the skill points to level up your Guild Skills. 
To use the skills, simply drag them to your hot bar. The Guild Masters can use any skills whereas 
the Guild Members will be allowed to use Guild Member skills only.

Each Guild Skill will have expiration date. For each Battle Level Up, there will be 7 days extension. 
for individual Guild Member skills, you will need to spend some merits to prolong the expiration date.
Guild Master Skills are skills for Guild Masters. Once casted, they will benefit all guild members.
The outcome of the battle may be affected by the Guild Master skill since higher guild master skill 
would mean higher guild member buffs and therefore a stronger guild.
All the rest of the guild members will have guild member skills to use for their personal use. 
They can use their battle experience earned during battle to level up their Guild Skills.
War will take on a new form. Sacred War will be done by all players in the game. 
Guilds with the new guild skills will be stronger and more unified than ever. 
You will be able to move to difference maps to help your other 
allied Guilds. Suddenly, Sacred War time is not enough anymore!
Pet storage has been added. 3 Slots have been given freely. 
Players can acquire up to 24 slots with the help of some premium items.

There are more new mounts that were introduced along with this update such as Nine Tailed Fox, 
Flying Broom Stick and Dragons. More are soon to follow as the Christmas season draws near such as Santa’s Sleigh, 
White Dragon and the fabulous Night Sky with Santa and Reindeer embroidered 
in it near the moon which will be temporarily transformed from a Sun.

Along with this update, Newbie Packs will be given to every newly created account so that even 
new players will have the option to join the magnificent PvP. All you have to do is grab your free upgrade
level 18 gears and join the war. Skill is all that matters from now on! You can level to level 100 instantly, 
so no worries on leveling either!


Territory War
When a guild occupies the area, the territory will show its nationality rather than the guild itself.


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