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[PvP] Battle of Worlds
Last Updated: 1/14/2015 9:21:46 PM
Battle of Worlds
Battle of Worlds is a new war content. 
It is a world where wars between different worlds are happening all the time. 

Unlike the previous Battle Ground content where the war was happening in small groups, 
the wars in the Battle of Worlds will be happening in mass groups of 25 to 49 players. 
By doing this, players will be better representable for their guilds, servers or better yet themselves.

When you enter the Battle of Worlds, you will be wearing the same equipment worn in the 
Battle Ground. All item upgrade levels will be the same as your gears in the real rpg world. 
However, you will not be able to bring in the Mounts.
The chatting will only be allowed within the same room.

The Battle of Worlds can be entered using the same code name registered at the Battle Ground.
For those who have not created the code name at Battle Ground, new window will pop 
up to create the code name. As in the Battle Ground, once the code name has been created, 
it will not be changeable.

Once the Battle of Worlds time arrives, "Battle of Worlds" icon will appear for 20 minutes. 
Clicking on the icon will allow the Battle of Worlds UI button to pop up. 1st Matching will 
progress for 15 minutes. There will be a 2nd matching for 5 minutes for those who failed 
to match up at the 1st matching. After the end of the matching, there will be a 5 second 
count down before entering the battle zone.

This is the button that appears after clicking on the "Battle of Worlds" icon. If the matching 
does not occur after the set time has passed, the button will disappear.
The application will be automatically canceled if the character ends its connection during the 
application time. Players will not be able to participate in the Battle of Worlds and the Battle 
Ground at the same time as well.The war will progress in a Defugel vs. Craxion form. 
The players will be placed on the same side if their kingdom is the same. 

So this will be a 49 vs. 49 and at the most and 25 vs. 25 at the least and Defugel Alliance against 
Craxion Alliance; all players with the same kingdom from different servers will be placed on the same side. 
If for some reason, one side fails to make 49 participants and is over 25 players, 
the other side will automatically be matched with the same number of players.

1st Matching
The 1st matching will progress for 20 minutes and it will be done among the guild members. 
The guild with the bigger group will be grouped first. The grouping will progress until the group 
becomes 25 or more players. The grouping will be based on the character`s guild, kingdom,server. 
If the number of players in the group is 25 or more and the numbers are the same as the other group, 
the battle will begin.

2nd Matching
The 2nd matching will begin after the 1st matching ends. This will progress for 10 minutes and 
will consist of individual players. All guild members will also be considered as individual player 
during this matching process. The purpose of this matching process will be to increase the group
number to 25 players or more. If each group has equal number of players and has 25 or more 
players, the war will begin immediately. Broan players with no supporting Kingdom will not 
be able to join. Those with the supporting kingdom will be joining their supporting kingdom.

The war will progress for 40 minutes. 
There will be one boss monster summoned on each side and will resummon 3 minutes after its death. 
Each side will begin with 5 points and for each boss monster kill there will be an addition of 1 point 
and deduction of 1 point on the other side. The war will end when one side reaches 10 points. 
The rewards will be sent to the real world upon your return.

The BP will be acquirable just like in Battle Ground. The player will start with 500 BP and 
acquire 10 BP per 10 seconds. For every kill of players or Guardians, the player will get 20 times 
the acquired special points. There also will be a shop where players can buy special items.

Special Points
Parties with the most damage given will earn 20 Special Points.
If a hit kills the opponent player, the player who hit the last hit will receive 5 Special Points. 
The members of the same party will receive 2 Special Points each.
If a party member kills the opponent, the other members within 20m will earn a kill count.
For every 500 BP, there will be 1 Special Points given.
The kill count will not stack up during death mode.
When the war ends, a scoreboard with the individual and guild ranking will be shown. 
Each ranking will be based on the Special Points earned.

There will be a resurrection cool time when a character dies. Instant Resurrection may 
allow you to resurrect without any cool time and side effects. If you don`t use Instant Resurrection, 
you will then be resurrected at the base resurrection spot with resurrection side effects.

Click on the Information button to see the ranking information during war time.

Reward System
The rewards will be given according to the game score. Please see below on the details.

Score Reward
Game Money - Game Score x 20 X Character Level Factor
Experience - Game Score x 20 x Character Level Factor
Honor - Game Score x 20
Item - Game Score x1

Special Point Reward
Game Money - Special Point x Character Level Factor
Experience - Special Point x Character Level Factor
Honor - Special Point
Item - 0

Guild Point Reward
Game Money - Guild Special Point / Number of Guild Participants x Character Level Factor
Experience - Guild Special Point / Number of Guild Participants x Character Level Factor
Honor - Guild Special Point / Number of Guild Participants
Item - 0

Server Honors
Server Honors are divided into 3 categories. 
Current Total Server Honor points in the server / Total Server Honor point goal. 
Once the players in the server reach the goal, there still will be individual honor point 
goal that should be reached individually. Once all goals are met, the player will get the rewards described below.
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