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[Prelude to 4Story] Tales of the Kingdom of Loathing
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Goddess of Creation & God of Chaos

In the beginning, a time where there were no separation between heaven and earth, where everything was a gaping hole of emptiness without a beginning and without an end, there were several gods. Amongst them, Leah and Bergelius were the strongest and their powers the opposite. Such tragedy had unleashed war upon them and ended with the capture of Leah. 


As Bergelius was the God of Chaos, he only had the power to destroy, where as Leah, the God of Creation was capable of Creating. And so Bergelius used Leahs power to create an army of his own, the Clan of Destruction.


But never did Bergelius knew that one of Leahs creation and also a member of the Clan of Destruction, Parakelius, was in love with Leah. Parakelius had secretly carried out his plan to rescue Leah from Bergelius captivity and escape from Bergelius world.


First thing Leah did after her escape from Bergelius was to create a world unlike any. But too much power had been used in creating her own world that she suddenly fell asleep, leaving 8 Guardians to protect the world.

The 1st Heavenly War

The world created by Leah had various races and these races spread across the continent.

In Andaron, Bergelius had managed to raise himself to leader of the Rahu and ruled the land in tyranny.

According to the legend, Bergelius brought the dragon Kameria to life, a fire spewing beast that spread fear and terror.
Together with a host of black-winged demons, the dragon terrorized the lands, killing all that could not flee in time.
Complete settlements were desolated in this way - only ruins remained to remind of the once existing villages.

Their homes pillaged and threatened by the plundering hordes, many had to seek salvation in flight.
On simple boats, or sometimes even swimming, the displaced population crossed the oceans and landed finally in Andaron after a long and harrowing journey.
Those that had not managed to reach the safety of the shores were buried.
A shrine to the dead still stands there today - a memorial remembering the long forgotten times.

Over the course of years, four large clans grew on Andaron: Elves, Fairies, Felines and Humans.
The survivors of the natives who had not been ensnared by Parakelius leadership were named the Mu clan.

The Andaron Elves transformed over time into bodiless entities.
Known as the Bon-Tuna clan, they remained true to their traditions and abhorred change of any kind.

The Fairies became known as the Mirhur clan.
They are small, loveable and extremely intelligent.
They are definitely not to be underestimated as they are true masters of magic.

Two hundred years later, the cat-like creatures of the peoples of Nebed united with the Mirhur clan.
They are now known as the Felines and they are still united in friendship with the Fairies.

The Parholn clan is made up of the surviving Humans.
They were quick to come to terms with their new home and little by little, settled across the entirety of Andaron.
They are ambitious and versatile but have a shorter lifespan than the other peoples.

The different styles of life and traditions of the clans brought some friction, which eventually lead to a war.
It was short, as the clans realized that they could only survive on Andaron if they lived together and in peace.

The Rahu forged plans for an invasion in secret, assembled a fearsome army and descended upon Andaron.
By uniting their powers, the clans were able to defeat the Rahu and to force their retreat.

In the confusion of battle, the powerful sword Krawendyn fell into the hands of the soldiers of Andaron.
This sword was once created by dark powers.
In fear of the shadows that seemed to appear out of the sword, they brought the sword to the commander of their forces.
He hid the sword in a safe location, but its unholy aura had already poisoned the peoples hearts and sowed new discord amongst them.
Once again, out of peace came war.

The eight protective gods rushed to Leah and reported to her all that was coming to pass.
With horror the goddess saw what was happening to her once peaceful creation.
She sent the protective gods to Andaron, with the aim of banishing Parakelius from the world forever.
First they destroyed Krawendyn.
Once the power of the sword was broken, they were able to break the war between the peoples.

But the Rahu did not give in so easily.
Catching all unaware, they desolated entire regions.
After much fierce fighting of monstrous barbarity, the protective gods intervened once more and for the second time, sent a devastating flood that destroyed practically all life.
Only a few survived and as nomads, they traveled around the continent for a long time.

It took centuries, before the land was able to recover and thus the first kingdom of Iveria, Kingdom of Loathing stood.
However, the evil that had existed had not been completely banished from the world and it began to stretch its claws once again.

The 2nd Heavenly War

Queen Blid Blonead and Arian Horus vanished from the face of the earth and never appeared again. There was no royal offspring and thus the Kingdom of Loathing was divided into four equally large territories, which were ruled by the queens closest advisers: Neban Maha, and Luad Lopesa.

Driven by greed and longing for more authority and more territory, the four of them threw themselves into a bitter power struggle. Burdened by this tyranny, their subjects became deeply unhappy. The fourth in the chain of command could not deal with the conflict any longer and moved to the south of Iveria. He formed his own city there with his followers.

The peoples dissatisfaction became an open revolt. Under the leadership of Armin of Remperd, a rebellion began in which they occupied the city of Lezina. The government troops managed to surround them and round them up in the city centre.

The rebels managed to survive there for a long time, despite the fact that they were cut off from all supplies. However, one night their siege came to a bloody end: under the cover of darkness the army worked their way into the city centre and attacked the rebels - 20,000 rebels were massacred. That night went down in history as "The night of the black moon massacre". Rumour has it that the missing war hero Arian Horus was also involved in the bloodbath. Armin of Remperd managed to flee.

Afterwards Luad Lopesa abdicated a renewed division of Iveria. He took charge of Craxion , the eastern territory. He gave DeFugel , the west, to Neban Maha. And the considerable, quickly developing holy city in the south, which was ruled by King Tristan, became Broa.

Luad Lopesa became a strict ruler, his power became more important to him than the welfare of his people. Neban Maha, on the other hand, was a ruler who was very focused on the needs of his people and placed importance on discipline and recruited a tightly organised army.

However, the division of Iveria did not put an end to the mens power struggle. Both leaders proclaimed themselves emperors and the military conflict continued between Craxion and DeFugel . Broa remained neutral. King Tristan was mainly interested in trade and supplied the enemy kingdoms equally with food and weapons.

One day Luad sent some men to DeFugel to collect taxes from the inhabitants. The tension escalated when Neban Maha captured and beheaded the entire delegation - this led to a war between both kingdoms. To finance his army, Neban Maha increased DeFugels taxes.

Luads troops dared to attack DeFugels capital city. At first the attack seemed successful, however the attackers were not able to occupy the castle in which DeFugels soldiers had entrenched themselves. The siege was cancelled and both rulers agreed to a ceasefire.

Convinced that Broa had secretly been supporting Craxion, Neban Maha attacked the kingdom in the south of the continent. Many people managed to flee on time and get themselves out of harms way.

King Tristan reinforced his neutrality. Thereupon the troops from DeFugel left Broa. Shocked by the attack on his home, King Tristan began recruiting his own powerful army.

The ceasefire between Craxion and DeFugel continued - however the hostility between them continued. Thus the leaders decided to separate their countries by a fortified border and stop all trade between them. Broa became the only trade partner of both kingdoms.

Not even two years had passed when border disputes led to the second great war between Craxion and DeFugel . Yet again neither country won.

It was only after many exhausting battles, that both leaders agreed to another ceasefire and trade flourished again: DeFugel concentrated on food, natural resources as well as tools and armor, Craxion focused on producing magically enhanced weapons and magic potions.

Peace has been kept for many years now, but it is very fragile. Both leaders are using the time to recruit new troops and there is evidence to suggest that the next war is just around the corner...

The Three Kingdoms

Exactly in the place where the Kingdom of Loathing stood, now stands three kingdoms, the knights kingdom Defugel, the magic kingdom Craxion and the harmony kingdom Broa.


Neban Maha rules the highly militarized western province. Walls and watchtowers are everyday sights here. You can still feel that this region was a rampart against the Rahu.

The southern province Bina is regarded with suspicion, as they rebelled against Defugel and started a war. Furthermore, there is a danger that the enemy Craxion might be invaded by this region. Thus Defugel is attempting to establish a stronger army that does not only distinguish itself by its magic, but also by its discipline and stringency.

Craxion under Emperor Lopesas leadership is focusing on magic and alchemy to secure his leadership. The country, which has been plagued by war many a time, is recovering very slowly. Magic knights are in charge of the somewhat shady emperor.

However, if Luad invests money and develops the research in the field of magic and alchemy, a war against DeFugel could break out again at any time.

Edgard Seher founded a holy city in the south of the Pandeon territory, which became the centre of the Broa kingdom. It is a kingdom of trade and agriculture.

King Tristan rules there and is trying to maintain neutrality, whilst having supported DeFugel against Craxion in the first war. As revenge for the Craxion’s attack, Broa built Arian street, in order to separate both enemy parties from one other.

In the second war Broa took further measures and forced the two parties to put an end to their conflict.

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