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[Guild] Guild Mark Registration
Last Updated: 4/16/2014 2:53:01 AM

1. A guild master can register a guild mark from the Guild Information window. 30,000 Guild Points are required for registering and editing a guild mark.

Activate the Guild Information window and click on “Guild Mark” button from the summary tab.

Select a mark and colours.


Once completed, the registered guild mark will appear next to the guild name.

Select preview to check the current guild mark settings applied on the character’s cloak.

2. Guild Cloak
Find a Guild Manager NPC and choose to apply the guild mark on the character’s cloack.

DeFugel: [Guild Manager]"Jimel" in Magnaksia Military District
Craxion: [Guild Manager]"Obidis" in Headquarter of Blo Brunak
Broa: [Guild Manager]”Batinarch” in Command Center of Desert Patrol Force

Talk to the NPC to register a guild cloak.

[Guild Manager]"Obidis" in Headquarter of Blo Brunak

The guild cloak registration is available to guilded players only. Unguilded players can customize their cloak with dyes.

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