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[Guild] Guild Window
Last Updated: 4/15/2014 10:33:46 PM


Activate Guild/War Information window via shortcut key G.
The summary tab will show first by default.

1) Guild EXP represents the total amount of character EXP donated by the guild members for guild level advancement.


2) Guild Money is the total amount of donated game money by the guild members for mercenary recruitment and ballista purchase.
    All donations made are non-refundable.


3) This is a guild master option and the button activates a new window to compose a notice message.


4) Enter the message for the guild-wide announcement and click “Confirm” to register the notice.


5) To check the registered notice, click “Notice” and select the subject to read the details.


6) Reward history includes the dates, character names and the reward amount.


7) A list of guild related commands and their descriptions are available.

8) Select the emblem and adjust the colors to register a guild mark.
    The guild mark registration requires 30,000 Guild Points.



The List shows current guild member information. The regular guild member information will show on the default tab first and the mercenary information is available in the separate tab.

Recent and weekly rates of battle points by members are saved for review.

Currently connected guild member information including rank and location information is generated by clicking on the arrow cursor from the list of guild members.




Review the applicant information for regular guild member and for mercenary member.



Check the following information on the Territory tab.

Mission War information shows the war progress status by area.


Sacred War information displays names of the occupying guilds and guild nationality


Territory War information includes names of occupying guilds, and guild nationality.

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