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[Guild] How to Join / Leave (Quit)
Last Updated: 4/15/2014 3:52:27 AM

How to Join

A guild master or a second guild master can invite a character to join the guild. To send an invitation, right click on the desired character to generate the available options and select “Invite to Guild”, or enter “/ginvite” followed by the name of the desired character in the chat window to send an invitation.

Once the recipient accepts the invitation by clicking “Yes” on the invitation message window, the joining will be completed.

How to Leave

Access Guild Information window by right-clicking on the Character Status bar and selecting the relevant option from the menu.
Then, click “Leave Guild” button located at the bottom right of the Guild Information window, or simply type “/gleave” in the Chat window. A guild master or a second guild master has the authority to kick a member out from a guild.

How to Disband
Only a guild master can apply for disbandment of a guild. The disbandment is completed 7 days after the application and 17 day waiting period is required for guild re-creation after the disbandment.

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