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[Beginners Guide] Disguising Garment
Last Updated: 3/21/2014 2:53:52 AM

What is Disguising Garment?


If you lose your territory to the opponent, you do not qualify to enter the quest in that area. You may use the disguise tool to have a mission issued to you. This is a tool which allows you to trick the quest givers, guards and guardians within that area. This will not entirely conceal your identity from all users in opponent nation. Users in the opponent nation will not be deceived.



Double-click on the Bundle of Clothes from the Inventory
A Bundle of Clothes icon will appear next to the character status bar while in disguise.

The costumes can be purchased from any supply merchant in the capital castle. You may be able to acquire the costumes randomly by unsealing the Goddess’ Tear item dropped by the field monster. You will dress up and transform yourself as the opponent nation’s soldier. The character portrait on the character status bar will show the disguise icon and your character’s appearance will be set to the basic look of the opponent nation’s soldier.

Supply Merchant

Craxion: Headquarter of Magic Knight Guild


Defugel: Magnaksia Military District  


Broa: Eden Square

While you are in disguise you cannot speak to the NPC in your nation and/or use the portal. (Interacting with the merchants located in your own nation is not allowed.) You must undress your character and bring back the original appearance in order to participate and function normally within your nation’s territory.

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