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[Beginners Guide] Title System
Last Updated: 3/21/2014 1:56:59 AM

Title Window

Open the Title window to view the list of gained titles and all other available titles and the acquisition requirements. The Title window is accessible via the shortcut key “L”.


1) Currently registered title
2) List of gained titles. Check to change the registered title to the selected.
3) All available titles and acquisition requirements

The registered title will appear on top of the character’s head.


- The title acquirement is updated in real-time and already acquired title may become unavailable if the conditions have expired. For example, [5 KILLS] title earned for achieving 5 or more kills in a month may become unavailable and be replaced with if the character qualifies for [30 KILLS] after achieving 30 kills in the same month.
- Title acquired based on monthly achievement will be removed when the monthly honor point statistics are reset.

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