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[Beginners Guide] Mentor
Last Updated: 3/21/2014 1:25:12 AM

In the mentoring system, a high-level user in level 90 or above assists one or more low-level users in levels between 9 and 59 of the same nationality to advance faster.
A mentor and mentee relationship can be established between an expert player or a mentor with a character in level 90 or above and a novice player or a mentee with a character in level between 9 and 59.
A mentor can accept up to 30 mentees and a mentee can select one (1) mentor.
The rewards for being a mentor may vary depending on the quantity of contribution in assisting his/her mentee to reach level 60.

How to Create a Mentor/Mentee Link

Target and right-click on the desired character or click on the community icon towards the top right corner of the screen to access the Mentor Window.



Send a request to become a mentor to the desired character and the pop-up message will ask the recipient for accepting or rejecting.


A mentor / mentee link is created when the recipient accepts the request.

Once linked, both the mentor and the mentee players have to form a party and activate the mentorship by right-clicking the Character window.

Upon the activation of the mentorship, all character stat points except for HP and MP will be adjusted accordingly to the mentee’s character level to allow both characters to enter the same Mission War districts. (The adjusted stat points will return to the original values after deactivating the mentorship.)


Activated Mentorship



Deactivated Mentorship

The character level of Mentor will be displayed as M when targeted by an opponent during the active mentorship.


During the active mentorship, the mentee will reap all acquired XP by both the mentee and the mentor.


A mentor collects Mentor Points in exchange for donating acquired XP during the active mentorship. The Mentor Reward is calculated as below based on the amount of accumulated Mentor Points. Mentor Point balance can be viewed on Mentor window.

- The mentor/mentee link can be discontinued at any time before the mentee reaches level 60 by the mentor or by the mentee.
- The mentor can right-click on the mentee’s name from the List of Mentees on the Mentor tab of the Community window to select “Cancel Mentor” option to cancel the mentorship. Upon termination of the mentorship, all accumulated Mentor Points will disappear.
- The mentor’s character stat points except for HP and MP will be adjusted accordingly to the mentee in the lowest level.
- During the active mentorship, Honor Points are not acquirable or deductable.
- Mentor Points are available only through mentees in levels below 60.

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