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[Beginners Guide] Level-Up Buffs
Last Updated: 3/20/2014 3:25:13 AM

How to Control the Level-Up Buff 

For achieving a certain level, players will be compensated with a gift of additional EXP acquisition. The Level-Up Buff cannot be used in combination with another buff with identical effects and will be applied at the time of level advancement.

For instance, the Level-Up Buff will not be applicable to any character that is affected by another bonus XP buff.
Once activated the buff icon will show on top of the right-side hotkey bar in the same way as a regular buff.


A buff icon will display the type of the buff in use and the remaining time of use.
For characters in level 1, the buff will begin to take effect upon exiting the tutorial quest and moving to the starting village.
For jumping characters in level 9, the buff will begin to take effect upon entering the game after character creation.


The list of available Level-Up Buffs and effects by level is as below.


How to Remove the Level-Up Buff 

Again, another XP boosting buff cannot be used in combination with the Level-Up Buff. After reaching the time limit, a message will appear prompting to rebuff previously used and/or new XP boosting buff.

- The Level-Up buff will not take effect if a buff with a duplicate effect is already applied to a character.
- A buff with a duplicate effect cannot be applied while the Level-Up buff is taking effect.
- The buff duration time is only deducted when a character is connected to the game.
- For a Level-1 character and for a Level-9 Jumping character, the Level-Up buff will take effect at the starting village or upon entering the game from the Character Creation screen.

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