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[PvP] Sacred War
Last Updated: 2/27/2014 3:01:42 AM

How to participate the ''Sacred War''

The guild which has earned the highest territory points in 1 week period of time earns the right to participate in the ''Sacred War''.
As for the scoring system, 10 points are given for a successful conquest and 11 points for a successful defense.



If you want to get more details about the guild selection rule for Sacred War,

How to Prepare for the ‘Sacred War’


The guild master of participating guild has the right to select a participation wanted guild by clicking the guild name at the guild info window (Press G).  After clicking ''Chesed Support'' in the menu tab, the guild master can give an opportunity to the guild members to join the ''Sacred war''.

If the guild master orders participation to the members the ID will be shown in Blue color.

If you want to cancel it, just right click on the ID and select "cancel" it will be shown in White color with the cancelation status.



Cancelled character will be shown in white color.

Participation permitted mercenaries can transfer to the battle location through the portals located in the castles or the great king castle.
- DeFugel: Maha Tronbion Great King Castle
- Craxion: Borna Boin Kingdom



Transfer to ''Sacred war'' location through the portal



How to Transfer to the War Location


Starting point


In each camp, NPCs for resurrection and mercenary are placed. The mercenary NPC supplies defense NPCs for camp and the castle and those can be purchased by guild money. When the ''Sacred war'' begins, a holy treasure will appear in each camp.



Holy treasure and NPC


You can hire mercenaries for 4 different locations . You may recall a rock thrower to defend your base camp. (Rock thrower cannot be attacked)





When the ''Sacred war'' begins, a castle gate will be generated and the attackers must destroy the gate to approach the guardian sculpture. The targeting can be worked with left mouse clicking and the destroyed gate reveals a path through. Defenders can try to defend against the infiltration



The castle gate plays an important role. Defending side must try to delay the attacking party and attacking party must try their best to get through it promptly to secure the path towards the guarding sculpture.



Each camp will have 2 holy treasures. If you occupy the guarding sculpture with this holy treasure, new sets of holy treasure will appear at your camp. The time limit to carry this holy treasure is 5 minutes. After 5 minutes it will disappear and spawn again at the initial location.



The above is the image of a player who carries the holy treasure and time status of carrying.


You can visually locate the player who carries the holy treasure. The carrier can view the time status of carrying treasure. Each camp starts with 1,800 points and additional 800 points for every sculpture occupied. The bonus points system follow the calculation rule as shown below:

Bonus Point Calculation System for Each Nation

- Defenders'' Bonus Points: (Territory War Points) X 800 / (Total Territory War Points)

- Attackers'' Bonus Points: 800 - (Defenders'' Bonus Points)

When you occupy the holy treasure, you receive 1 point per second you occupy. If you kill the opponent of opposite side, you will gain 1 kill point.

When ''Sacred war'' ends, all points will be totaled to seek out the final victor.


Location of the Guardian Sculptures


When the ''Sacred war'' breaks out, you can find 4 guarding sculptures located at North, South, East, and West. They are all neutralized at first shown in Yellow color. When occupied by attacking party, it would be displayed in red color. When occupied by defending party, it would be displayed in blue color.



The character who carries the holy treasure can install it to the guardian sculptures. It takes certain amount of time to occupy the sculpture. Once it is occupied, it will turn into occupied status and displayed in various colors accordingly.



As you can see, a guardian sculpture is turned to blue color when occupied by the defending party and red color when occupied by the attacking party.



All guardian sculptures are set in neutral status and when they attempt to occupy the guardian sculptures already owned by the opposing party, your party first will have to neutralize the guardian sculpture, before reoccupying it. More sculptures you own for your party, more benefits you will gain in points.




Whichever the party fully occupies all the 4 sculptures automatically wins the war. However, if none of the party fulfills to occupy all the 4 sculptures, point system will be applied to those who have higher occupation points.



Rewards & Benefits


For the winning guild leader, ancient oracle''s voucher, for the winning guild members, Pontifex''s Voucher will be rewarded by mail. These can be traded as handsome rewards at each kingdom.




The winning guild holds the right to use the ''Guild house''. And they can manufacture the ingredient for 38 level weapons and defense necklace which can be upgraded.


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