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[Beginners Guide] Party
Last Updated: 3/20/2014 2:31:54 AM

In preparation to the difficult battle ahead, you may invite another player to form a party. Right click on the character you wish to invite and select “Party” from the menu. A player who has received a party invitation may accept by clicking “Yes” or decline by clicking “No”.


Click “Yes” to accept the invitation and join the party. Clicking “No” will decline the invitation and send your response via the following message.




Once a party is formed (two or more players), the party members will share the character information including the current location of the character and receive bonus EXP. The maximum number of members in a party is 7.

There are party related chat commands for more convenient smooth game play.

Party Chat Commands
/Inviteparty[CharacterName]: Send a party request
/Removeparty[CharacterName]: Uninvite or take out a current party member
/Leaveparty: Voluntarily losing party membership
/Invitesquad[CharacterName]: Invite a Squad Leader

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