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[Beginners Guide] Guild Quests
Last Updated: 3/20/2014 2:24:20 AM

[The Chesed Castle Priest]”Louyna” stands in the center of the guild house and issues two in-house quests, [The Master of Chesed Castle] and [Gifts for the Victors] to the owner of the guild house.


[The Chesed Castle Priest]Louyna

Only the guild master can enter the quest using the Ancient Oracle’s Voucher. The voucher can be acquirable by winning the Sacred war. , [The Master of Chesed Castle] can be only performed by the guild master and an Ancient Oracle''s Voucher is required. Ancient Oracle''s Voucher is issued to the victor of the sacred war. While the completion rewards are the same, the winner of the northern Chesed or Adri will be issued a Northern Ancient Oracle''s Voucher and the southern areas of Geburah and Taikonteroga, the winner will be issued a Southern Ancient Oracle''s Voucher to be used as an entry condition for the guild quest. For Chesed Castle in-house quest, Northern Ancient Oracle''s Voucher is needed.


[The Master of Chesed Castle] quest and Ancient Oracle''s Voucher

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