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[Beginners Guide] Daily Quests
Last Updated: 3/20/2014 2:07:47 AM

How to Accept a Daily Quest

Daily Quests are obtainable from the Daily Quest Bulletin board located in capital castles. One daily quest is available to play per day and is reset each night at midnight.


The Types of Daily Quest Daily quests are divided into solo quests and party quests. The categorization is determined by the degree of the difficulty. Solo quests can be completed while in a party and vise versa.


The available daily quests per character level and per nation are as below.


List of Solo Quests and Reward Quantity



Daily Quest Reward

Upon completing each quest, Craxion characters will receive Golden Coin of Malkuth and Defugel characters will receive Golden Coin of Kether as described for each quest.

Daily quest reward for Defugel characters,


Daily quest reward for Craxion characters


The acquired Golden coins can be exchanged for a 7-day limited uses item, mount, pet fossil, or a mystery box via the following NPCs. Items purchased with the daily quest rewards cannot be traded or sold.

Kether Quartermaster


Malkuth Quartermaster



Available Wizard Items with Golden Coins of Kether


Mounts are acquirable by first exchanging the Golden Coins with required ingredients and by crafting the desired item after.

- A daily quest can only be played once a day and any uncompleted quest after reset or midnight will be uncounted for the day it was accepted.
- The daily quest rewards cannot be sold, traded or stored in the Premium Inventory or in the Warehouse.
- Broan characters may select the supporting nation before participating in a daily quest.
- A solo quest can be played while in a party and a party quest is acquirable by a solo player.

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