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[Beginners Guide] General Quest
Last Updated: 3/19/2014 1:29:26 AM

Place your mouse cursor over the NPC character you wish to talk to and right-click on the NPC character. Choose “Talk” from the list of options the right-click generates.

NPCs generally provide you tips and advice on the adventures and changes in the surrounding areas. Sometimes, you will see an exclamation mark hovering on top of the NPC’s head which indicates that the NPC is in need of help. It is your choice to simply pass by or stop to aid the troubled NPC. Each quest provides a reward that is notably larger in value and amount than what you can acquire via regular hunting.

How to Accept a Quest


The Quest window is accessible via shortcut key “J”. On the Quest window, players can view the list of quest currently in progress or newly eligible quests.

Select or highlight the quest you wish to accept and activate the auto-move button next to the quest title to move to the relevant quest giver NPC.

If you have decided to help the NPC sending out an SOS with an exclamation mark on top of its head, read the story carefully and take the quest it bears.

The quest completion requirements which vary in many aspects for each quest must be fulfilled before returning to the quest giving NPC, sometimes also the quest completion NPC to claim the completion reward.
If a NPC issues more than two quests at once, select the quest title of the quest you wish to complete first from the Quest window after reading the quest description.

How to View and Manage a Quest List

View the list of quests you have accepted by pressing the keyboard button “J”.
The list contains the information related to the completion conditions, quick summary and rewards.
Click on “Start” button on the bottom left corner of the Quest window and your character will be automatically moved to the quest destination.

Type of Quest
1. The available quest categories are Daily Quest / Solo Quest / Event Quest. The downward arrow beside each category will open / close the list of quests belongs to the category.
2. Newly added quest will be tagged ‘New’.
3. The Play icon beside the quest title indicates that the quest is currently being played / in progress.
4. Special quests have special icons summarizing their special objectives. The list of icons and their meanings are as below.


 Request – For repeatable quests which requires you to collect vouchers.

 Daily – For daily quests which is available to you once a day.

 Territory War – For war quests which is available to you throughout the week except Wednesdays.

 Aerial War – For war quest which is available to you every Wednesday.

 Invasion – For quests to be performed in the Mission Area


5. This icon signifies that the completion conditions have been fulfilled and the quest has been completed.
6. The quests in grey are available quests which have not yet accepted or sought out.
7. Mouse-over the View Map icon. The current location of your character and the quest destination will be displayed.

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