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[Beginners Guide] Community
Last Updated: 3/19/2014 12:03:37 AM

The Community window is accessible via a greeting gesture icon towards the top right corner of the game screen. Add, remove, and/or block a friend or manage groups. Also start a private one-on-one conversation using the below chat commands.

Friend Chat Commands
/Blockfriend[CharacterName]: Block a character from sending you a whisper
/Addfriend[CharacterName]: Add a character to your friend list
/Unblock[CharacterName]: Allow a character to send you a whisper
/RemoveFriend[CharacterName]: Remove a character from your friend list

Community Chat Commands
/Addgroup[GroupName]: Register a group to the messenger
/Removegroup[GroupName]: Delete the group currently registered to the messenger
/Editgroup[CharacterName][GroupName]: Move a character to the desired group

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