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[Beginners Guide] Mail
Last Updated: 3/18/2014 11:21:04 PM


View and delete messages
Select the envelop icon towards the top right corner of the game screen to open your mailbox.



The list of unread messages will appear first in the inbox. Double-click on the message to view the whole content. Inbox cannot contain more than 30 messages and auctioned items as a result registering for and instant purchasing at auction as well as receiving messages may be disabled if the limit is exceeded.






a. Take – Load the attached item or game money to the inventory / bag
b. Reply – Answer to the sender.
c. Delete – Select and remove one or more mails. Any messages with unsaved attachment cannot be deleted.
d. Close – Close the message to return to the mail list.

Click on the send button located at the bottom right of the mailbox to create a message to send.



a. Enter the recipient’s character name and the subject.
b. A mailing fee is displayed. A regular mail costs 100 Crons and a mail with attachment is priced at 300 Crons.
c. Write a message.
d. Use a drag-and-drop to add an item to the mail from the inventory.
e. Enter the amount of game money to be sent as an attachment.
f. Check to send an invoice mail.
g. The current game money balance is displayed here.
h. Click to send the mail.
i. Click to cancel the message and return to the mail list.

Mark your mail as an invoice to request a payment for the entered amount.
A pop-up message prompting for payment or to return will appear upon opening an invoice mail. An invoice mail has an item attached and the price information.


b. Return the invoice without paying. No fee is required.
c. Close the invoice mail to return to the mail list.

Reward Inbox
Victory rewards for Territory Wars can be viewed on the Reward Inbox tab located at the bottom of the mailbox.
Select the reward(s) and click the save button to transfer the reward items to the inventory.
Only the nationwide rewards are placed in the reward inbox.

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