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[Beginners Guide] Premium Inventory
Last Updated: 3/18/2014 1:43:42 AM

The functions of Premium Inventory are similar to those of a regular Inventory and Warehouse. It is however designed to fulfill a special purpose of delivering and saving Premium Items and non-combat related Rewards.

How to Manage Your Premium Inventory
Premium Inventory is accessible via Chest Icon menu towards the top right corner of the game screen or via shortcut key (.)


Non-premium items cannot be stored in the Premium Inventory. All purchased Premium Items can be moved in and out by using the drag-and-drop method.


Simply drag-and-drop.

The Premium Inventory is free of charge and has no limit on the number of storable Premium Items.

However, for Premium Inventory with an extended period, up to 30 non-Premium Items can be stored.

All characters belonging to the same account have access to the same contents in the Premium Inventory. Select the item you wish to move to your bag then click on the “Retrieve” button to initiate the transfer.


1. In-game rewards for new players will expire 30 days after the first log-in date. The items may appear in the Premium Inventory after the 30-day period, however will immediately disappear once taken out of it.
2. Black market items with performance and effects identical to Premium Items cannot be stored in the Premium Storage unless the Premium Inventory has an extended period.
Should the purchased storage period expire, all Premium Items are not affected.

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