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[Beginners Guide] Looting
Last Updated: 3/17/2014 9:02:18 PM

Examine your kills carefully and you might discover some valuable items. Once defeated, the monster’s belongings are dropped and owned by the defeater. Those are yours to keep after completing the challenging hunting. Use them wisely to purchase better equipment, skills, or potions. Dropped items may vary and include essential ingredients for item crafting, matching class-specific gears, potions, quest items, game money and more.

Duplicate or mismatching class-specific items can be sold or traded to a merchant NPC or fellow players for another desired virtual good.

How to Loot
Make sure the Inventory has free space for the items about to be looted.

Double-click on the monster’s corpse or target the monster’s corpse and press F key to view the items in the monster’s bag or inventory. Double-click on the item(s) or drag-and-drop the items to the character’s inventory. The downward arrow located at the bottom center of the dropped item window will move all the items in the window to the character’s inventory upon a click.

Most conveniently you can target the monster and press on ‘Z’ button on your keyboard to collect the loot all at once.


Special items set off the alarm function once they are acquired.
With a sound effect, the icon representing the acquired item will be displayed on top of the character’s head.
And on the occasion of acquiring multiple special items, the icons of up to three special items will be displayed one at a time in an orderly manner. The items with an alarm function are as follows.


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