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[Beginners Guide] Death & Resurrection
Last Updated: 3/17/2014 8:04:28 PM

When a character runs out of HP, a death occurs and an unknown power summons the character’s soul.



The soul is called to the nearby Resurrection Point.
There are two ways to reunite with the body. The character’s soul may request a resurrection to a Chaos Monk standing outside the Resurrection Point. A resurrection via Chaos Monk guarantees an immediate return of the soul to the body however results a severe Resurrection Sickness with an increased drop in XP as the penalty for death.


Chaos Monks are spread out throughout the map including in villages or safe zones. Chaos Monks are the only ones who can detect a soul detached from a body. Using their unique magical power, they send the wandering soul back to the body.

Right click on the monk and click on ''Resurrection''. The monk will bring together the soul and the body at the spot and save the time to run back to the place of death. Likewise, if there is a priest near the body, a character can resurrect with the help of a priest. Again, a resurrection via Chaos Monk or a priest can result a serious amount of HP/MP loss.


The second method of resurrection is for the soul to find the body located at the point of death on the map. This type of resurrection results a relatively less severe Resurrection Sickness than the former type.



For reversing death and continuing the adventure at the currently level of death and resurrection, a character will suffer from a Resurrection Sickness and will losing certain HP for certain period of time as specified on the penalty gauge ring around the character portrait. All characters must be alert of the HP/MP level at all times in order to avoid experiencing further death and resurrection. HP/MP potions come in handy to keep you alive after resurrection.
Related Items

Scroll of Resurrection (Premium Item) – This item allows a character to resurrect immediately at the place of death without or minimized HP loss as the penalty for death.

Stimulant of Resurrection (Premium Item) – This item cures or lessens the HP loss due to resurrection sickness.

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