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[PvP] Mission War
Last Updated: 2/27/2014 2:26:44 AM


Mission wars are happening hourly and players must survive in the brutally competitive combat.  For 365 days in a year, a war takes place in each level of the Mission Area.


You will fight with your friends to complete the mission with the future and honor of your kingdom at stake.  The winning nation will qualify for more favorable level-up assisting rewards than the defeated nation. 

How to Enter

A is required to enter a Mission War. The prerequisite item is acquirable in the fields through monster drops. With the in possession, a player can enter the relevant mission area via the Mission Portal located in the capital castle of his or her nation.  Each Mission Area has its own item and character level restrictions which makes it an ideal place for one to test and measure his or her strength against other players within the a similar range.


Victory Reward & Benefit


Different victory conditions are assigned per Mission Area. Upon completing the given mission, XP and Magic Item Drop Rate booster buffs are provided until the start of next Mission War.


Mission War for Broan Characters


Broan characters can follow the below directions to participate in a Mission War


1)     A Broan character must be in a supporting state. There is no Mission Portals in Broa.  Mission Portals located in the associated nation are accessible when in a supporting state.

2)     A is required to enter a Mission War for the current character level.

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