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[Beginners Guide] Dodging Skill
Last Updated: 3/17/2014 2:24:13 AM

Dodging Skill Quest

There are three stages to complete in order to be fully trained in the dodging skill.
The skill will be obtained upon completion of all three quests.


The three quests will be issued by three different quest giver NPCs Characters in level 84, 87 or 90 are eligible to accept the quest.

Dodge Target


The skill will temporarily remove or cancel the targeting applied by the enemy.

The success rate of the skill differs depending on the training stage as below.
1st stage of training: 60%
2nd stage of training: 70%
3rd stage of training: 80%

How to Use

Simply, drag-and-drop the acquired skill icon from the Skill window (accessible via shortcut key K) to register on the Quick Slot Bar.

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