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[Beginners Guide] How to Use Skills
Last Updated: 3/17/2014 1:52:11 AM

To learn more advanced skills to deal with ferocious monsters, open the Skill window accessible via shortcut key “K”.

The skills are categorized under four tabs on the Skill window and they are:
Basic, Battle, Assassinate, Survival skills, High level skills can be acquired in exchange of specific skill points and game money listed on the selected skill tooltip.


One skill point is given at each level-up and the price in combination of skill points and game money varies depending on the value of each selected skill.

Certain skills are not available despite of the satisfying amount of skill points and game money in possession due to the level restrictions.

Newly acquired skills can be registered in Quick Slot Bar by drag-and-drop the skill icon from the Skill window into the desired slot.
HP/MP Potions can also be registered in the Quick Slot Bar for quicker access during a combat.

Drag-and-drop the skill icon

If you have too many skills to register and need more slots, you can click on the circular arrows on the left of the Quick Slot Bar.

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