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[Beginners Guide] Hunting
Last Updated: 3/17/2014 1:18:26 AM

Low-level players will fight against comparatively weaker and easier-to-kill monsters with names in blue. As the players advance in game, they will be challenged by more fierce and stronger monsters with names in yellow or red.

In order to apply damage or to attack a monster, click on the monster once to target or press the Tab key on keyboard to target a nearby monster.

Once the target is set, use the available or acquired skills to eliminate the monsters.
Monstersee will be successfully defeated if one aptly combines expert skills, a keen strategy and a cooperative team of players.

Please take caution when entering an area populated by the monsters with names in yellow and red.
They are very violent and will attack in swarms. In order to avoid the swarm attacks, use long-range weapons.

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