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[Beginners Guide] Hot Key
Last Updated: 3/17/2014 12:24:47 AM

Hot Key – Hunting

When hunting monsters or in battle, use Hot Key for the following features.  

1. When hunting monsters, use Hot Key (F) to execute skills in the registered order in the Quick Slot Bar. Use Hot Key to tackle the opponent in consecutive hits.

[Hot Key – with Gust (AOE) skill in execution]
2. When you are cursed during a battle, Hot Key will automatically activate an available anti-status ailment skill to undo the curse. However, if the skill is unavailable due to certain circumstances or on the cooldown, Hot Key (F) cannot activate the skill.


[Hot Key – with Escape skill in execution]

3. When a monster is targeted, the order of skill macro will be reset. Once the skill that satisfies the current conditions has taken effect, it will return to normal. This is applicable to warrior, assassin and archer classes.

Hot Key – Skill
1. When the total MP reaches 20% or below, all MP related potions registered in the Quick Slot Bar will be automatically consumed to restore the MP level to normal

Quick Slot Bar without registered MP Potion



Quick Slot Bar with registered MP Potion

2. Essence of Mana can be placed in slots “1” through “=” or “F1” through “F12” and the registered potions will be consumed in the ascending order of the shortcut key value.
3. Panacea of MP registered in the Quick Slot Bars will take effect first before any other available MP enhancing potions.
4. Essence of Mana in the inventory will not be consumed automatically unless they are registered in the Quick Slot Bar.
5. If Panacea of MP is on cooldown, only regular Mana Potions registered in the Quick Slot Bar will be consumed.

Hot Key – Normal
In a normal situation such as in villages, Hot Key (F) can be used to select a NPC.
If you approach close enough, then the name of the NPC you can talk to will be enlarged. Press F key to talk to the NPC.


[Hot Key – with applicable NPC]

2. If the NPC is a quest giver, then the quest window will be generated upon Hot Key (F) will open up the quest window. Upon accepting the quest, the NPC will return to its original duties (i.e. repair, buy, etc.).

Hot Key – Quest

1. When the arrow quest guide is turned on, use Hot Key to start travelling in the preset course.


Auto-select the required monsters to hunt during the quest.
- Play the skill on the targeted monster.
- Auto-move to the relevant NPC upon completing the ques
2. When the arrow quest guide is turned off, resume the normal hunting.


Hot Key Skill Macro ON/OFF Feature

1. Hot Key Skill Macro can be turned on or off via Game Settings accessible by the Gear icon on the top right corner of the game screen.
2. Players can select NPC, accept quests, use portals and perform basic attacks with Hot Key Skill Macro turned off.

1. Hot Key will not work while on cooldown or on negative status effect (i.e. stun)
2. If NPC is holding a quest, the quest must be accepted before the NPC can carry out the normal tasks.
3. In Game Settings, the Hot Key Skill Macro can be turned on or off.

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