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[Beginners Guide] Interface
Last Updated: 3/11/2014 11:01:58 PM

A. Auto-help

This UI displays automatically generated tips for the first-time players.
The Auto-Help window can be customized via game settings.
In-game announcement are also released here.

B. Location & Channel


Check the name of the area on the map and the name of the connected channel.
Click on the W icon next to the name of the region to generate the World Map.

C. Character Status Bar


It contains a character name, level, class, and the two most important attributes: HP & MP.
Red Bar: represents the HP level which can be restored via potion and/or naturally based on the time spent in-game. Character cannot survive with HP level 0.
Blue Bar: represents the HP level which can be restored via potion and/or naturally based on the time spent in-game. A character may be restricted from performing a skill properly if its MP level is insufficient.

D. Chat Window

This interface shows a character’s activity log in-game and conversations shared at various levels of privacy with other players
(All, Party, Guild, Corps, and Whisper)
Each tab displays active conversations at a selected privacy level.

E. Soul Power Gauge

It is located at the bottom left of the game screen and displays the amount of Soul Power collected via completing quest and/or hunting. A character can access the Lucky Number Window to redeem a certain amount of game money as a reward upon reaching 100% Soul Power.

F. Hotkey Bar

Skills and consumables placed on slots can be conveniently accessed via a shortcut key assigned to and displayed on each slot on the bottom left corner. The number inside the two circular arrows indicates the order of available slot sets. A new set of slots can be called by clicking on the slot set order icon or by a shortcut key combination Ctrl + x or z.

G. Mini Map


This is a comprehensive head-up display which provides the following information.
- Real-time location information of the character and NPCs
- Quest information

Ineligible Quest

Eligible Quest

Uncompleted Quest

Completed Quest

Clicking on the C icon on top of the Mini Map frame while in party mode will switch the game to RSCS mode. Use + and – icons to enlarge or reduce the size of Mini Map.

H. Premium Shop


Load or re-load game money to your account and/or purchase premium items to advance faster in-game.

I. XP Bar

The gauge measures the amount of currently saved XP. Once the gauge is full, a character will advance to the next level.

J. System Information


System information is displayed for 1 minute after they first appear. Previous system information can be reviewed on System Tab of Chat window.

K. Result Board


Combat and War related updates and information are displayed.

M. Item Durability


The Item Durability icon measures and notifies the user of the remaining item durability on equipped gear by changing colors. When an item loses its durability below 50%, the icon will turn yellow. Players will see a red icon for an item with less than 30% item durability and a grey icon for an item with 0% durability.

N. Main Menu


a. Guild (Shortcut key G)


View the guild profile and a list of guild members along with other related information.



Register a friend or check on the status of registered friend(s). Select from your friend list to invite to a party, to send a message, to remove from the list and more.

c. Mentor


Check on the connection status of your mentor / mentee and track the Mentor Points.

d. Blacklist


Block or unblock a user from contacting you in-game to chat, invite, trade and/or duel.

e. Action List Emotes


Command your characters to perform various actions of emotional gestures.

f. War Information

Check the war schedule and territory occupation information.

g. Hall of Fame View Honor
Point ranking.

h. Mail


Exchange messages and ship items and money as attachments for a small service fee.

i. Character Information (Shortcut key C)

1. Bag: 16 slots are given by default and the maximum number of bags allowed on equip is 6.
2. Armor: Slot(s) for helms, chest, leggings, gloves, boots, and cloaks
3. Character Stat: A character’s abilities will change by the effects of the equipped items.
4. Auxiliary Weapon: Slot(s) for auxiliary sword or shields.
5. Ranged Weapon: Slot(s) for bows, crossbows and other ranged weapon items.
6. Main Weapon: Slot(s) for one-handed sword, two-handed sword or axe.
7. Ring: Slot(s) for rings
8. Necklace: Slot(s) for necklaces.
9. Earrings: Slot(s) for earrings.
10. Basic Information: Character stat points such as physical/magic attack and defense rates are displayed.
11. Additional Information: Nationality, race, class and guild rank information is displayed.
12. War: Recent scores and other war related information are displayed.
13. Duel: Recent scores and other duel related information are displayed.
14. Ranking: Overall, national and 1st class ranking information is displayed.
15. Costume: Equippable locations vary.

j. Skill (Shortcut key K)


View already acquired and consequently acquirable skills, group point and available skill point information.

k. Title (Shortcut key L)



l. Mount (Shortcut key P)


Check the list of mount in possession and available usage period.

m. Pet (Shortcut key)


Summon, delete, grow, assign stat points, check the pet status and access other pet-related features.

n. Quest (Shortcut key J)


View the list of currently accepted quest and the progress.
1. Reward: Completion reward (Given in items, Runes, or XP)
2. Objective: A description of the completion requirement.

o. Personal Shop


Personal shop is installable at the current location only and restricts a character from performing a second task during installation.

p. Inventory (Shortcut key I)


View items and game money in current possession.

q. Premium Storage


Check the Cash Point balance and purchased cash items.

r. War Reward Inbox


View the territory war victory rewards and other combat related rewards.

s. System Settings


Configure various visual and audio settings including window mode, resolution and sound options.

t. Game Settings


Configure options related to name display, Auto-Help message and other in-game features.

u. Control Settings


Personalize the default shortcut keys to the user’s taste.

v. Help (Shortcut key H)
Basic information and tips for gameplay are available.


w. Unlock UI
Switch to customizable mode.



x. Character Selection


View existing character and/or create a new one.

y. End Game



N. In-Game Announcement Window


The game wide announcements are viewed and kept for 1 minute after appearing.
Past announcements can be viewed in the Announcement tab of the Chat window.

O. Target Information


Currently selected target information is displayed.

P. Utility Bar


This enables users to conveniently access various in-game features such as item purchase, sell, repair, trade, store via a nearest available NPC of the same nationality.

R. Time / Honor / Merit


Current time, and Honor / Merit point balance are shown.

Q. Pet Status & Skill


View the number of pet(s) in possession, the number of summoned pet(s) and pet skills in use.

S. Premium, Pet Buff Window

Premium or pet specific buff skills that are currently in use are shown.

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