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[Beginners Guide] Allegiance
Last Updated: 3/10/2014 11:32:32 PM

Upon completing the tutorial, the new character will be positioned in Thebekut, the capital castle of Broa Kingdom.


Valley of Bicera Entrance

As soon as the character reaches at level 9 after acquiring required XP through a series of quests,
the character can approach [Red Wolf]”Visera” located at the entrance to
Valley of Bicera to pledge an allegiance to either Craxion or Defugel.
Please note that completing quests are not mandatory and any characters in level 9 or above can
choose a nation to participate in war and other advanced contents.



Right-click on Visera to generate the nation selection menu.



Upon selecting the nation from the selection window, the character will be placed
in the capital castle of the chosen nation.


- Please choose your nation carefully for the selected nationality will be collectively applied to
  all new and existing characters associated with your account.
- Any characters created after the initial nation selection will start at the minimum
  level of 9 with the acquired nationality.
- Allegiance cannot be cancelled until level 80.
- New characters in pre-nation selection state may duel with other Broan users.
  However, Broan users cannot accept a duel invitation and/or receive an attack from
  character in post-nation selection state.
- Broan characters can exchange mails and trade items with character of all nationalities.

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