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[Beginners Guide] Character Creation
Last Updated: 3/10/2014 8:51:25 PM

How to Log-in

Register for a free account at our official website.
Enter the login details created upon registration to connect to the game.


Select “Create” button to build a new character.
A randomized preview of a character will show in the beginning and later the preview will
reflect the selection of options chosen for a new character.
A large variety of options is available to customize the character’s appearance.





1. Select Channel 1 (Ch. 1) or Auto-Select option for channel selection.
2. Enter a character name.
3. Select and view the character’s race information.
4. Select the character’s gender.
5. Select a hair color.
6. Select a hair style.
7. Select and view the character’s class information.
8. Rotate the view of the character in 3D perspective.

The following features are additionally available on the Character Creation screen.

a.Character Deletion
Upon selecting this option, a pop-up window will prompt you to type in the account password.
The deletion is processed when the correct password is entered.
Please note that the deletion of a character in level 10 or below is irreversible.

b. Server / Channel
Currently selected server and channel information is displayed.
c. Start Game
Click to enter the game session.
d. Create
Select to create up to six (6) additional character(s).

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