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[Prelude] Class/Skill


Just like the water god Rekamies,
priests protect their companions from danger in a noble and gracious manner.

In the past Rekamies the water goddess gave the priests the gift to protect the allies and heal them. When fighters are in danger, the priests are often their last hope. Priests also have the capability to use destructive magic, with which they are able to put up a fight and inflict large amounts of damage.

As a priest, they are able to daze their opponents or turn them into harmless squirrels in order to reduce the number of opponents. Using devotement and foresight they are able to strengthen or heal their companions - or revive them if they should die.

Class Attributes

Strength Dexterity Vitality Intelligence Wisdom Mentality
Low Low Low Moderate Moderate High High

Race-Class Compatibility

Race Human Werebeast Fairy
Compatibility Excellent Fair Good

Class Balance

Opposition Strongest Weakest
Class Archer Summoner
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